Are snacks served?

Nursery: Parents are asked to pack any milk, water, juice and peanut-free snacks your child will need during the service in labeled bottles and bags.

Children: Snacks are not regularly served during class. Children are encouraged to get water during Grace Kids time. Occasionally, foods that are not common allergens are used for the craft (pretzel building blocks) or an activity (acting out a Bible meal with grapes and crackers). Sweets are only offered on special occasions, like the Easter Story Egg Hunt or Christmas Party. The morning service is immediately followed by coffee time, when parents can choose which snacks their children may have.

Youth: Snacks are served at Youth Group on Friday evenings, and lunch is served at Youth Stomp on Sunday afternoons. Snacks are not served in Discovery Group on Sunday mornings, but teens may bring water.

Please remember to note any allergies on your child's Contact Information Sheet.

Do you give rewards for attendance or assign home activities?

No. We understand that every family is different. Some children spend every other weekend with another parent or travel for other reasons. We do not want any children to feel left out because of circumstances outside their control and therefore do not have a rewards system or assigned home activities. We do encourage families to discuss each week's lesson and practice memory verses at home.

What safety measures do you offer?

As part of the application process, new volunteers must agree to a background check. We have cameras with sound in all children's rooms, should there ever be an incident that needs to be reviewed. When children are dropped off in the nursery, the volunteer signs them in and hands a bracelet with a number to the parent. This must be returned for the child to be released. If one parent drops off, and another parent picks up, the parent receiving the child must bring the bracelet back.

Further Questions?

Contact our Children's Ministry and Youth Group leaders at: