Our services are casual, upbeat, and collective. Please feel free to dress up or dress down, however you feel more comfortable. We begin with a time of singing, led by our worship team, which plays a combination of modern songs and updated classics. During prayer, we invite you to sit, stand, or kneel and to fold your hands or raise them, as you feel God leading. Many Sundays also include Communion, a testimony, a time to share with those around you, or a special moment about one of our missionaries or church-planting partners. 

Our pastor's sermons take important lessons from the Bible and relate them to issues that we all face, ending with suggestions for how to put them into practice in the week ahead. His succinct and fun manner helps listeners to remember the main points and apply them in their own lives. 

Our services are usually done by 11:30 AM. Afterwards, we invite you to follow the smell of fresh bagels downstairs for coffee time. Please say hello and get to know a few of our friendly regulars. 

Do you have programs for children during the service?

Yes! Nursery is available throughout the service. Children ages 3 through 5th grade sit with their parents for the singing and are then dismissed directly to their teachers. You may meet them downstairs after the service. The middle and high school class meets about twice a month during the service. 

How CaN I get to know other people at Grace?

We believe Church isn't just something you go to on Sunday. It means being a part of a community and family. We want to see everyone invested in each other's lives and growing spiritually. 

We have several smaller gatherings during the week that facilitate relationship-growing. Click below for more information on how to connect to a small group.

How Can I get baptized or Become a Partner?

If you have come to know Jesus as your personal Savior and have not yet been baptized, we would love to be a part of your public declaration of faith. We invite you to contact our leadership by contacting the church office (click the link below). We have a special oceanside service each September at Cove Island, here in Stamford, where we perform baptisms. If someone who helped lead you to the Lord is available, we would like to invite that person to join us.

Here at Grace, we invite followers of Jesus who would like to become more involved to join as Partners. We use this word, as "members" tends to imply privileges in a club, while "Partners" more accurately describes those who are our fellow-laborers in the work of spreading the Gospel. Becoming a Partner at Grace means simply that. We offer a one-day class about our Church's beliefs for anyone interested in joining as a Partner, or who simply wants to know more about Grace Church.